geometry disappearing during animation in 1.4.2

Hi. I’ve been observing an interesting error during the animation portion of one of our games.

It’s captured here: to see it, click the “chunk dis” button in the upper left. In the last few seconds of the video, you’ll see the dino’s pogo stick and belly disappear. This was captured in Panda 1.4.2 on Windows XP with a GeForce 8600. The behavior was originally seen in 1.4.2 on Debian Linux, with a GeForce 6800

The video in the “Chunk Blocks” button is the same clip, running in Panda 1.3.2. It seems to work fine on both Windows and Linux.

any ideas what might be going on? David or Josh, if you’d like to review the eggs, I could probably send those to you somehow.


This looks like it’s related to bounding-box culling. I don’t think panda recomputes the bounding box for an object when the object animates. As the dino hops across the stage, the camera pans left. As the camera pans left, the dino’s original position (and therefore its bounding box) gradually moves outside the frustum, eventually causing some parts of the dinosaur to get culled.

You could turn off culling for the dino, or enlarge its bounding box, or recalculate its bounding box every frame. I suspect that turning off culling is the simplest approach for your application.

I don’t remember the call to do that, but I do remember that treeform asked the exact same question about a planet very recently. Search the forums for “treeform” and “culling” and “planet.”

Exactly right! I added

view-frustum-cull 0

to my prc and it worked like a charm. Thanks for saving the day again Josh!