Geom Creation issue in C++

Currently i am following the manual as closely as possible to create geoms, but i am stuck at the first page.

int GeomVertexArrayFormat::add_column(InternalName *name, int num_components, GeomEnums::NumericType numeric_type, GeomEnums::Contents contents, int start = (-1));

InterName class’ constructor in private, meaning there is no way to create this class, right?

There is a way to create an InternalName; it has a static function which returns one, like this:

array->add_column(InternalName::make("vertex"), yada...

You might want to take a look at this file of my PGMM terrain engine (first few lines of first function there), which also does geom creation.

Thanks dude. Although yea by luck i had already figured out to use static functions of the InternalName. The source file u shown would be really helpful.