genPyCode is this OK?


compiling under mac os x leopard, when i run genPyCode i get this log, is this ok? how can i fix the error with fftw that is in place via ports and is detected by ppremake:

ad$ genPyCode
Importing code library: libpandaexpress
Found extensions for class: Ramfile
Found extensions for class: StreamReader
Found extensions for class: HTTPChannel
Importing code library: libpanda
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “/usr/local/panda/bin/”, line 20, in
File “/usr/local/panda/lib/direct/ffi/”, line 298, in run
File “/usr/local/panda/lib/direct/ffi/”, line 259, in generateNativeWrappers
exec(‘import %s as module’ % moduleName)
File “”, line 1, in
ImportError: dlopen(/usr/local/panda/lib/, 2): Symbol not found: _fftw_complete_twiddle
Referenced from: /usr/local/panda/lib/libmathutil.dylib
Expected in: dynamic lookup

tx in advance,

Nope, this is not OK. Perhaps you have multiple versions of libfftw installed? Failing that, you might want to simply disable the fftw part of the build; it’s unlikely that you need any of the support that fftw provides (unless you want to use lossy animation compression).


David, thanks for your reply, what do you think of this suggestion to fix the issue that comes from an IRC chat:

anyhow im unable to really understand where the includes should go since my fftCompressor.cxx doesn’t really call on *fftw

im stuck though i see panda running if i issue only the command: pview


and, as for the answer to your first suggestion here is what ports tells me:

fftw @2.1.5_2 (active)
fftw-3 @3.1.2_0 (active)
fftw-3 @3.1.2_5

what do you suggest?, deactivate which one, rebuild what?

thanks again,


Just put:

#define HAVE_FFTW

in your Config.pp to turn off the dependency on fftw. Why give yourself more heartache than you need?


You have to make this change in fftCompressor.cxx:

#include "rfftw.h"


#include "drfftw.h"
#include "dfftw.h"

in Config.pp i have:

#define HAVE_FFTW 1
#define FFTW_IPATH /opt/local/include
#define FFTW_LPATH /opt/local/lib
#define FFTW_LIBS dfftw drfftw

rerun ppremake on the panda directory. you might try to recompile panda/src/mathutuil seperately so you dont have to compile the whole thing again:

cd panda
cd src/mathutil
make clean
make install

so now my genPyCode read like this:

“normal” i believe?

anyhow panda3d now opens a white window that i cant close and the log spits some audio(error)s that will be part of another post, so far tx! all for the help, not bad for a first post… friendly community indeed!


GenPyCode looks fine now.

If you start pview you should see a normal triangle. If you import direct.directbase.DirectStart you will indeed have a blocked window. You should “run()” afterwards, else the window is never updated. Even better, try one of the examples to see something running.