Generating simple models at run time.

I’ve got a simple model, a piece of 2d paper, that I would like to be able to cut into, repeatedly, leaving both peices of paper to be moved or whatever later.

So, at first glance, i’d like to have a list of collections of triangles, each collection could be parented to the render. I would add a collection, then adjust old collections when a cut is made.

My questions is this. Is there a polygon type render node/path that will let me do this? If not, where would I look into creating a new one that might fit the bill?

Thanks for your time,

Adam Serdar

You can generate any arbitrary polygons you like at run time using the egg library. An example of using the egg library to generate polygons can be found in the middle of this thread:



I’ll fiddle around with this.

Adam Serdar