Generated shader does not compile

Hello everyone,

I’m using the shader generator here.
This object have something like 1 light (with shadows), and 2 textures (maybe 3)

I used “dump-generated-shader #t” to retrieve shader source code:

The error :
:gobj(error): created-shader: <invalid atom 65535>(33) : error C5102: output semantic attribute “TEXCOORD” has too big of a numeric index (8)
:gobj(error): Shader encountered an error.

How can i fix this ? I have no control over shader generation.


If you are using glow or gloss textures then put them in the alpha channel of the normal or modulate texture.

You could also edit the generated shader to save some TEXCOORDS eg. if you have one UV set for all textures then they can use the same texcoord (the autoshader uses a new one for each texture). If you do this you need to set shader inputs by hand