General model scaling question

Curious enough, I’ve searched a bit on the forums and I haven’t came across an answer to my question. Lets say I scale my models down to say .001,.001,.001 and my world to a scale of .1,.1,.1 now lets say that I have huge dreadnoughts and smaller fighters. Now originally my model was set to a scale of 1,1,1 and the textures were a bit…pixilated but only up extremely close, which, fighters would get close to a dreadnought when killing them…would scaling the ships smaller help solve my problem with the pixelating textures or remain the same?

first off… using extrem scales is not recommended due to precision lacks of 32bit systems.

to your question. if you have a model with a texture and your textures look pixelated if close up. scaling all models down wont help. it depends on how large the model+its textures appear on-screen.if you make your dreadnoughts smaller but keep the player size, and the distance between camera+ship it will improve the look. if the camrea gets clooser as the ship is getting smaller… no improvements.

you could just load 5 models with different scale and see how it looks.