garphics engines

im thinking on switching to OGRE, what do oyu guys think about the ogre or crystal space? so far i know is the ogre a very powerfull graphics engine… but its not a game engine like panda3d and maybe not so easy to handle like panda is. im sure the profis (which ones not got all coded by others lol but it was funny to watch :wink:) here had a closer look into different engines :wink:


btw. happy new year

This is a panda3d forums.

Ogre and crystal space should die!!!

Well if you are a c++ expert all roads are open to you.

Hee hee, well, I guess you shouldn’t expect to find unbiased opinions here. It’s true that the people who hang out on these forums are generally people who have chosen to stick with Panda for whatever reason. You’ll probably get a similar answer, in the opposite direction, if you ask the same question on the Ogre or CrystalSpace forums.

In reality, I suspect all three engines are quite similar in capabilities. The engine of choice may come down to which engine you personally find easiest to use, and most suited to the things you particularly want to do.


I have no experience with either engines but from what I can see from the documentation and talking to people each engine has different strengths.

OGRE seems to be more of a rendering engine than a general game engine like panda is. If you want a really pretty looking, this is probably where you want to go. The problem with it is you will have to implement game engine things yourself unlike panda where most of the game engine functionality is already provided. This might be a boon if you’re doing something specialised though.

Crystalspace, I haven’t really heard much that is good about it. The docs seem to be a mess and just recently we’ve had users in the IRC channel who transitioned from crystalspace to panda and managed to get more done in panda in a couple of days than when they were using crystalspace.

I’ve been able to get more done in a day with Panda than weeks with Ogre, and similar weeks with CrystalSpace. But I love all three projects and think they’re all really excellent.

Ogre’s strength is maybe the rendering system and shader/material system. The two weaknesses I found relative to Panda are that python-ogre adheres very closely to the underlying C++ structure, which is good in some ways but also means it doesn’t take advantage of some of the streamlining you get in the panda python interface. It also is more focused on being a rendering engine and less on being a complete game engine.

Crystalspace I haven’t used in a very long time so I’m sure it’s matured far beyond where it was when I last left it. One thing I really enjoyed in Crystalspace was the built-in lightmapping.