Games Frying Systems...? What Gives?

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I never would have thought it was possible to destroy someone’s system by over working the GC or something to that nature.

I’ve played too many games over 100 fps and never had a system or gc fry out because of it.

Maybe this issue is related to games that take atvantage of multi GPUs or Multiple logical Cores.

As a developer, I want to make games run fast but I don’t want to worry about frying someone’s machine.

Never heard/read anything like this before. This is new for me.

100 FPS won’t make your card fry, but a couple of hundred or a thousand may well do. It sounds a bit weird, because one would think the card is more likely to fry because of Crysis rather than because of a menu screen.

That’s like having a car on neutral and holding down the acceleration pedal. If there wasn’t a mechanism that cuts fuel off at a certain level of RPM, you would eventually burn the engine even though you haven’t moved a millimeter. in fact, you could still burn it, because for a stationary vehicle there the wouldn’t be enough air going through the radiator.

This is interesting. I really cant blame blizzard too much because it seems like a hardware issue not a software issue. I may be wrong, but I was under the impression that if a card (or cpu) got too hot then it would shutdown the system.

I like the analogy that you used coppertop it fits perfectly with why gpus are frying out.

This kinda sounds like blizzard has a loop driving the main menu that causes the gpu to “runaway”.

Well, it’s just the applications main loop. As is always said when someone asks “why is my CPU used in 100% even if nothing’s rendering”, the application just tries to go as fast as possible. If it has nothing to do, it goes too fast. Panda could probably do the same to you under certain circumstances. In fact, if I run a rendering of some simple cube in Panda and the FPS goes way up, my GPU starts to make whooshing sounds. Not from the cooling system, but because the electronics is just running too fast.