Game Recording Software

Hi All,

Can anyone suggest a good software program to record my game demo (for posting to you tube etc)?


You could just put a screenshot in a task in your program and it will create a screenshot every cycle or so, just set up your timer controls. Then compile the screenshots into .avi or .mpg.

JB SKaggs

the mighty panda gotta under the hood also a feature to capture movies out your game - check this post out koryrok

@ jbskaggs, thanks for the suggestion however I would still need software that creates the AVI from all the screenshots so right now I would rather just use something that has recording and output functionality built in.

if you watch more carefully the post suggested you’ll find that out as well

On Windows you can use Windows Media Encoder. On Mac I like iShowU.

I use CamStudio and use Windows Movie Maker.

xfire might work

Using a desktop recorder gives you bad quality and tearing. The best way is to capture the individual frames and then combine them using, for example. the GIMP. Note that capturing individual frames can be pretty slow.

Making screenshots every frame (like jbskaggs suggested) is too slow. I recommend using

I use virtualdub on windows, it takes less resources than other programs I have seen (and is more free too).