Game menu help

Hi guys.

I made a game that consists of one main world class, and many sub classes. My game itself is almost complete, however I would like to add a title screen, a menu screen, a score screen, etc. for my game. I would also like that when my game finishes it goes back to the menu, with the option to play again, exit, look at the score board, insturctions, etc.

I have looked in the Panda FSM manual, and either I didn’t understand it or it’s just doesn’t help me. The problem was that because of the run() loop I couldn’t tell Panda when a state was finished and when to begin the next one.

The direct GUI is somewhat helpful for a menu, but there are problems. First, I can’t create a title screen before the menu. Second, I can’t return to the GUI after the gameplay is finished.

Anyone has a suggestion on what I should do? I’m not looking for code, but rather an idea on how to build it.

Thanks :slight_smile:

What i some times do is structure my game in modes. So menu mode, design mode etc…

Other times i just have the game running and pause the game and pop a menu.

It all depends on what i am in the mood when i write that code.