game feature idea on cameras

hello everyone, sorry if the thread title dissapoints anyone because there is no sample code or screenshots, really just a feature i had in mind, practically right now

so this is the scenario:

the game is in thrid person view. I am intending to have melee combat used more often compared to range weapons

probably having a stat system and RPG elements, the commonly seen Strenght, Constitution, Agility and such.

and adding 1 more stat to the list, awareness

unlike the other stats which increase the charater’s power or speed, awareness increases the camera’s distance away from the player, thus giving the player a larger view of what is going on around him or her

so just gathering feedback, how useful do you feel “awareness” will do in a fight?

the topic would fit better in “general discussion” given the showcase descibtion: “Got some great work you’ve been doing? Use this area to brag and showoff your skills.”

i dunno how this idea would affect gameplay. guess best thing you can do is… do it, and see if it does anything. it also highly depends on the game. if you have a 1on1 fight. wide FOV or large distance between actor and camera wont do anything. if you are in a 1on10 situation things might look a lot different.


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It is an interesting advice, whether FOV = awareness!

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Awareness has many counterexamples, laperen, if s/he is still reading.

For instance, by zooming out to wider FOV, you may lose awareness of some crucial details on another character’s display.

I find the best awareness a custom SQL query.

You want everything that is “important” to be on screen at once at a good size. But what is important can change in an instant. And more things can be important than what you can put on screen and the user can see.

You can prioritize these for the player, but s/he wants to customize them for himself. Therefore, controlling the display is just another interface to manage, and you have the potential to miss details both ways; but if you have control, you have the potential to fix it.