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What would you like with the right banner to happen?

  • To be updated or deleted
  • To be exchanged with current users open projects, though slow they have real websites to link on

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I saw that some of you were trying to improve Panda3D use but this website does not. I am speaking of the game example bars on the right. Most of them do not link you to the game and the ones who does, send you to broken links.
I think they should be either remove or updated. I think the pics are really nice but the best way to improve a game engine is to example games.

Actually, in a recent conversation with Bigfoot29, we had an idea to integrate Panda3DProjects into the Panda3D website in such a way, that when users upload screenshots for their project at Panda3DProjects, they immediately appear in the right corner, and that when you click on them, you get automatically redirected to that project page. It will probably take a while to realize that idea though.

Currently, though, there is no one to update the screenshots after Josh left.

Not the screenshot need to be updated but the game site links, people need to see that here we implement games.

Read pro-rsofts post - thats what he said actually.

Problem: This did not happen for a couple of months because Josh Yelon - the previous CMU Panda3D maintainer - left / ended his Panda3D activities.

We won’t get access to the right panel unless a new maintainer has access to the website itself. On Panda3DProjects we are actually planning to update the screenshots or at least enhance them with screenshots from projects that are also downloadable/useable and in many cases also constantly updated.

pro-rsofts post doesn’t mean more or less: We know about the problem with the images but curently we are planning on things to do and preparing them on P3DP.

Then all we need to do is to integrate that into Panda3D - in case thats OK with CMU/ETC itself.

Regards, Bigfoot29

Sorry I didn’t understood pro-rsoft very well and I look forward to your site feature which I might say is very unique :slight_smile:

the right banner to me is actually a 2 edge blade: an amazing rallying cry for new users peeking here and a big comedown afterwards, for being too far from the average dev starting from scratch coding P3D, because there is no code to show, plus they need to be updated. My opinion is to keep just those who got something to show off - maybe just a youtube video (i.e. Blackout etc) but some, and then add to the rotation the best samples P3d could actually offer, with related link to download the code.

Thats right. Best solution is a mixture of both. why?

1st: All CMU classes images don’t have code to download, but can show quite well, what can be done in little time.
2nd: There aren’t enough high quality project images from different classes (means different styles) that would allow a complete removal of images without available code.

There is currently also a extreme big caveat:

We don’t have access to the website directly. Plus: Its unsure if CMU allows changes to the website, its design or even parts of its functions (named image/project bar here)

So yap, its planned.
Yap, we (well, basically pro-rsoft) are trying our best at P3DP to do the needed basic work for later integration.
No, we neither have access to the website nor do we have permissions to alter the website.

Once thats here, we can start planning into more detail what can and should be changed. - Before that its just a worthless discussion because we can’t change anything. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

So are you saying that nothing will change, this s…

As a matter of fact, nothing will change unless we had a chance to discuss the future of the maintenance of this website and the privileges on who to change what.

If you know about the problems and years of fight to release Panda3D under a “unlimited” open source license, you know how long it might take. :wink:

However, thats up to CMU to decide (what and how) and Disney (to be ok with).

So if it goes the “bad good way” (means we are getting access for a proper maintenance of Panda3d,org), this could take a year or even more. :slight_smile:

But well, Christmas isn’t all that far away. Its always good to believe in wonders. :wink:

Regards, Bigfoot29

Well, I hope for a wonder especially from Disney.