game dev issues

hey im working with some friends on a project and we needed more help so we decided to post online so that we can get people .help with graphics is simple since online members (people we havent personally met so we cant totally trust) can just send in models/scenes but its hard to just send in code and programming help is what we need.
is there a way to get programmers to send in code without risking giving them our code and losing it

well you cant loose code because you can copy it :slight_smile:

I think you need to trust the people you send code too first.

Right, it’s not clear what you mean by “losing code”. Unless you mean losing code in the same sense that you might lose a secret–if someone inappropriately shares your code with the world?

In any case, it’s not clear how this danger is any greater for programmers than it is for artists. If you embrace the open-source movement, of course, there is no danger at all; if you prefer to work closed-source, then it is of course necessary to know and trust everyone you work with.