Gah! What to do!?

Gah! I am reading through the manual and just soaking in some information yet I still have no clue where to start… :cry:

I did the first tutorial and made the panda go in his circle and just kept reading on after that, but nothing goes into anything really. I tried loading my own model, but that didn’t work the program just shuts down. I really have no clue where to go. Sorry for my noobishness but could some one point me in a direction to get somewhere? Maybe like a homework assignment or something? :question:

Complete the BVW tutorial .
Then look for console or terminal or whatever it’s named to read what the problem is. I’m noob also but searching forum and documentation and google helps me. I’m just thinking about making own copy of documentation for better search through it.

Well, the examples are there to give you some ideas on how to implement certain features into your own game.

Why do you want to use Panda3d? If you know what you want to accomplish, try looking through the examples or the manual to try and build or adapt to what you want to accomplish.

Well what I was going for was to make an RTS. From the looks of it Panda3D seems one of the easier choices when learning programming and I think it might work. If that is impossible then I was really thinking of making an RPG like Toon town. The way its constructed and works. Just what I always planned in mine…

i say start off with the “roaming ralph” example and understand how the player walks around

then look at the docs for adding objects so you u can build your environment and other people like npc’s or monsters

for your hud i say use bmp’s and draw them using the directGUI doc

and just go from there

as soon as you get the basics you start to learn off of that and build off of that