Fullscreen Direct Frame texture

How to set direct frame fullscreen?I read the manual and tried many options but still I cant find the right
way to do it.The texture dont cover all frame it keeps some free space on width.

I found a solution in this topic [Window and Background Image setup)
but isnt it too complicated for a such small problem?

Reparent it to render2d, with default coordinates ranging from (-1, -1) to (1, 1). That’ll be fullscreen.

Keep in mind that if you simply want to show a texture, you can probably better use OnscreenImage.

Thanks!I just tested.If Im right than the OnscreenImage is parented by default to aspect2d, and why it cant make a fullscreen image/frame without streching it?

aspect2d is adjusted in scale automatically to compensate for the aspect ratio of the window, so that images aren’t stretched when the aspect ratio changes. Usually people want this (to avoid text and menus stretching), but if you want a fullscreen image, you want it to stretch with the window.