Fullscreen and old drivers issue

I just started messing around with Panda3D - it’s pretty nice. I wanted my game to go fullscreen and found some code i the forums. It worked perfectly. But when wanted to exit (Alt+F4 or Escape-key) I got the windows blue-screen. What the blue screen said was different from time to time.
Then it got to my mind that maybe my graphic-card drivers was a bit too old… The card i have is a GeForce 6800 GT AGP (Jep, not PCI-E)… I’ve had some issues with new drivers before which is the reason why i havn’t updated them. But thats a long time ago, so now i wanted to give them a try…
The old driver is an nvidia version 78.01 and the new i just installed is version 91.31.

Now i can escape/exit without anything crashing. Just wanted to let you know in case some one is in the same situation.