Full (window) antialiasing?

Can someome point me to a way to enable AA for the render window? I do not see a config var for it listed in the short list of config vars in the manual.

Also, is there a complete list of the configvars on the site anywhere? Trying to stop the printout before it exceeds the window line limit after typing listVariables is not a perfect solution.

Game GEeK.


You can use script editor which is able to capture the console window, so that the printout will be kept on the editor’s console-capture-window, and you can print it in any way you like.

-> David, as I told you before, finally some1 shouts out …

Wow, I have been searching the forums like crazy for combos of AnitAliasing, AA, Alias (all that got me was Maya refs.) etc. And I didn’t catch that thread in my search.

This may be a dumb question but what script editor are you referring to? Idle? Pype? Other?

Thanks again,

I’ve used ConTEXT (for Windows only), it fits my needs pretty well, and it can capture the console output.
PyPE is great too, but I’m not sure it can capture the console output.