full screen frame?

I assumed this would give me a full screen frame:

from direct.gui.DirectGui import OnscreenImage, DirectFrame
from direct.gui.DirectGui import DGG

class MainMenu():
    def __init__(self,render2d):
        self.render2d = render2d
        self.menuBackground = OnscreenImage(image='images/mainmenu.jpg', scale=1,
                                            parent=self.render2d, pos=(0,0,0))     

        # size is left, right, BOTTOM, top
        self.cPanel = DirectFrame(frameColor=(0,0.5,0.5, 1),
                                  frameSize=(-1, 1, -1, 1),
                                  pos=(0,0,0), relief = DGG.RAISED)

    def hide(self):

    def show(self):

It doesn’t, it gives me:

I thought that 2d co-ordinates worked as:

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You must use aspect2d (where bottom left of window is (-1, -1) and up right is (1, 1)).
The second way is to scale your frame with w/h(here your bottom left is (-w/h, -1) and up right is (w/h, 1)).

I am… by default, DirectFrame is reparented to aspect2d. And I’m working within the co-ordinates you give - -1,-1 to 1,1 …

Actually, it’s render2d whose range is -1 … 1 over the entire screen.

aspect2d, on the other hand, is scaled so that all coordinates are square (X and Y have the same scale). Since your window is not square, that means that the range of aspect2d is -1.333 … 1.333 over X, and -1 … 1 over Y. Unless you have a wider window, of course.


Ah, got it. Aspect2d will keep a square square while render2d will squish it.

Thanks to both,

I`m sleeping … Sorry gsrigg.