From Maya to Panda3D


I am pretty new to Maya and Panda, and I now that I have to make an .egg file from Maya to use in panda, but how do i do that?

I have made a cube in Maya that i want to use/have in panda, how do I do?

Please be specific too as I have almost no experience in either Maya or Panda :frowning:

there should be a tool in the /bin folder of panda that is called maya2egg that converts to egg. There are also other tools there for converting other file types to egg files

I found some maya2egg files, but they have year dates on them (maya2egg2011) and how do i do then? i cant double click on them.

To export models from maya first save the model in Maya in *.mb format. Suppose you have mayaFile.mb,
then from command line go to the directory where your mayaFile.mb is and type:
maya2egg2011 mayaFile.mb exportedResult.egg
(in case you have Maya 2011). The resulting file will be generated in the same directory.
You can check all the exporter files in
C:\Panda3D-1.7.2\bin directory. maya2egg2011 is among them. Always choose the one which corresponds to your Maya version. And also check this link :wink: … _from_Maya