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I don’t know if there’s any need for this, really. But I found it .very. usefull and needed to share it with the community.

If you have blender3D (I’m assuming most of you have) you can import Neverwinter Nights .mdl files. Now I hear you all saying “royalties” right? Well, this is very often not the case. has a lot of freeware models for download. And I mean a LOT. So basically all you need (if you can’t model, like me) is Blender3D, the import tool for .MDL files, and the EGG exporter.


have you had success using the Neverblender scripts to import NWN models into Blender?
I extracted them from the neverblender CVS - but starting with the import, it has taken quite a bit of tweaking to even run without fatal errors, and then the blender model looks like something that’s had more than its fair share of radiation! (it doesn’t seem to be handling mesh positions relative to parent objects).


the links:

unpacker for model packs: …
model vault:
new importer:

no errors here,