FrameBufferProperties available less than requested


We make a lab,use DLP link glasses (120 Hz DLP-projector) .

and set framebuffer-stereo 1 .

but with opengl mode, we got [FrameBufferProperties available less than requested ] worning,and no stereo effect .

graphics card is NV GT540M and ATI 5700

Does your OpenGL driver support stereo rendering?

we used ati5700,and latest driver

This time without warning message

but no stereo effect,no double image

in directx mode,it has double image,but no stereo effect

You might have to enable stereo mode in the driver settings. I know this is a setting for NVidia cards, but I’ve never tried it with ATI.


we used NVidia cards(GTS 550Ti and GT540M),and latest driver, got [FrameBufferProperties available less than requested ] warning

what is the setting for NVidia cards?

the DLP Projector is optoma ex762

The NVidia Control Panel has a whole tab called “Manage 3D Settings”. There are many settings under that tab that control precisely what happens when Panda (or any other 3-D application) requests a stereo buffer. The default is to do nothing.


Now we use iz3d software,It works well,but only in directx mode.

Did you ever get this working? Im attempting a similar thing and right now, and all i get is a jittering effect and my emitter wont sync.

Sidequestion: is pyopengl included in the panda3d install?