Fps Movement Tweaks (Solved)

Hello, so I think I know the issue, but I don’t know the solution (at least an easy one). I’ve set up simple FPS movement by attaching a camera to a node and having the nodes HPR change depending on the mouse movement, which then effects the camera’s HPR (mouse movement > node > camera). The problem with this is that when the character looks up, the character doesn’t move because it’s trying to go in that direction (which is impossible since I’ve set up a floorhandler).

My first thought was to have a separate node (called self.move) change it’s heading based on the node that controls the cameras heading (self.cam). This sort of works, but self.cam seems to turn faster than self.move, making movement not match camera direction. How would I go about fixing that? I hope my description makes sense, I’ve attached the code below. You’ll find my issue is in player_fps.py.

edit: Just set it so self.move is affected by the mouse, instead of self.node. Works wonderfully now :slight_smile:
assets.zip (131 KB)