Forum problem, SMTP gone ?


I find that the SMTP configuration of this forum seems not working for the past few days. Can anyone take a look on it ? Thank you.

Hmm, I’ve noticed it too. I’ve contacted the server maintainer about this.
I’ve also had some email complaints about people not being able to register to the forums with the same reason.

To everyone who’s having this issue: do not repost your post if you have the SMTP error! (Note that if you accidentally posted something twice, you can delete it with the X in the corner)

pro-rsoft: if thats persistent, I can setup an alternate mailserver relay for p3d using

In case thats an option, lemme know. :slight_smile:

Regards, Bigfoot29

test 2

Ah. Seems to be fixed for now. Thanks ThomasEgi.

There is a current setup running using the p3dp mailserver. So if you get your mails by that machine, don’t worry. Noone faked that email.

Lets see how fast it will be fixed from CMU’s side to remove that temporary solution…

Regards, Bigfoot29