format supported

Hello, for 3d model, panda3D use egg format, but this format is not “universal”.
Panda3d support natif format we can read with blender/maya ou 3ds ? for example .dae (collada) file.

i can see panda3d can to read .bam file, what is this format ? what software create .bam file ?

BAM is an optimized format specific to Panda. There have been some recent efforts to export from Blender directly to BAM (bypassing EGG):

Exporting to BAM could be done as a Maya or Max plugin, but I do not know of any current efforts to do this.

As for other formats, I’m not finding a nice list (e.g., in the manual), but I know COLLADA, X, and obj are supported based on how Panda3D is built. If you build Panda3D from Git (e.g., a 1.10 dev build) along with a Git/Dev build of assimp, you can get (very experimental) support for all file formats supported by assimp:

Thank’s for your answer.

i tested obj with dev version but this format have not support texture (my models are white).
I not tested dae format, i can try this afternoon.

This is good news if in the futur stable version panda3d support this format.

daa is not supported actualy, i have this error :

    raise IOError(message)
IOError: Could not load model file(s): ['resources/untitled2.dae']

COLLADA is supported by Panda3D, but you need a build that has support enabled, which requires FCollada ( … o#FCollada). I believe official SDK builds are built with COLLADA/FCollada support. Does your build of Panda3D have dae2egg? If so, you should have COLLADA support.

Could you post more of the log output? I’m not certain that the error message you posted means you do not have COLLADA support. For example, it could also be that the file was not found.