For Those Who Want To Make A Horror FPS...

Hello, I’m new to Panda3D so I’m not sure if you can makea FPS game or not with it. If Panda3D can be used to create them, great.

If you are interested in creating a Horror FPS game with me, I’m here. I know nothing about making models or making levels or that kind of thing… But, I DO have an extremely wacked up mind and imagination so when it comes to making a script, I’m ready to make one.

I can help describe what the levels should look like, how characters should react, pretty much, I’m the one who creates the story-line.

If anyone is interested in making a game with me (remember I can’t do the models or levels or anything, just the story-live stuff), please post what job you’d be interested in, wheter it be making character models, designing the levels, or creating enemy AI.

I hope to get a team together! :smiley:

take no offense in this but like everyone else who asks, you arent going to find anyone. give yourself 2 weeks to slowly work through the manual. python is easy to grasp - i only knew basic how python was writen for the basic parts of it (defining vars…if’s…elif’s…etc) and because i did PHP, i knew the basics like how variables worked and what not. up until 3 days ago, thats all i knew. then i did the tutorials and im learning python and panda as i go. its do-able at the moment, and if i get stuck somewhere i ask people here or go look at python tutorials if my question is purely python related.

the time you’ve wasted here would better go to learning how to program a game i think (Or to make kick ass models thats enough to show any programmer that the possibility of being the only one in the team who knows how to program is a sacrifice he will be willing to make)

I’m not going to add anything beyond what swineflu is saying - he is exactly right that you will find nobody to help you this way. You have to bring both talent and a demo to get that - ideas are worth nothing when it comes to helpers.

What I will say is that a FPS is quite doable, though a little complicated if you want it fully featured, with a lot of concepts involved. In other words, if you do decide to work at it on your own you might want to do practise runs on simpler stuff first.

I remember at GDC years ago there was some guy walking around with a sketchbook for characters he had drawn, and was accosting people to try talk them into making the game he’d thought up. He had one of the super global passes too for entrance into everything, it was crazy.

hey, let me say that I strongly disagree with the other fellas, ParadoxX!
just add a line at the bottom of your post stating:

I grant 1000$ fee for each one willing to help me

and I bet my donkey you’ll find your team in a couple of days, pronto and ready to go! :slight_smile:

If you would not need Ferronet retard©, I’d team up with you… But only for developing MY game.

I’ll PM you.

The main problem with the “I’m the idea man” philosophy, is everybody who is researching how to make games also thinks they have the greatest ideas. It’s why most of us are here, to realize our own vision. So you have to really show what you bring to the table, and what that is needs to be more than just ideas, because we all have those. Honestly, it’s hard enough to motivate myself to implement any of my own plans, let alone try and turn someone else’s dreams into reality. You have to be a master of your own destiny. It’s not easy, but not much in life is.

Good luck, most of us started where you are now. No experience and lots of imagination!

I don’t think I could pull off a horror fps by the way, that sounds pretty difficult.

Just to finish saluk:

The game deveploment hardness is usually stated like this:

[size=75]1.)Deveploment of a kick-ass game:

Hardest part:
Engine [ You have to code every situation in the game on your own. Seriously everything, if you’ve created “drink cola” the actor won’t put it back on his own, you must say it ]

What games failed here:

90% of commercial games, most of the great, but forgotten ideas

2.)Deveploment of an experimental game:

Hardest part:
Getting how to tell the PC to do the main thing [ For example the main idea of your experimental game is rolling invisible boxes, how to tell the computer+PPU cooperate wiht something that does not even exist? ]

What games failed here:

go ho’s it called) and see yourself

3.)Deveploment of a typical game:

Hardest part:
Putting it all together [ You find here like 80% of the bugs you found before it’s been released to public, you have to model, texture, create sounds, find models, textures sounds… it’s hard ]

What games failed here:

Not very much of commercial ones. Some of those “MY FIRST GAME OMG LOOK![] ROFLMAO BOX RACING”.[/size]

Don’t forget this list, it’s No.1 before you make a game. :slight_smile:

Hope it was helpful :slight_smile:

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