Fonts missing colors [SOLVED]

I made a couple custom font eggs using the command line utility and I edited the png files that were saved out to add some nice gradient color to my fonts. However, when I load the fonts into Panda3D they aren’t displaying with the colors I want. They do appear to have a gradient effect, but it’s gray scale.

I’m guessing that when the fonts are loaded the color information is lost/ignored. Is there anything I can do to make that not the case?

I know I could make a gray scale gradient font and then colorize it, but that won’t let me do a gradient from red to yellow, for example. I’d rather be able to import the fonts with color information intact.

Take another look at the egg file, and change the entry to replace “alpha” with “rgba”.


That did it. I had to delete the black background from the text, but I’ve got the colors I want. Thanks, David.