font artifacts (and I only have one freetype6.dll)

I am having font artifacts showing in every panda demo that I try, I have searched for freetype6.dll in my system so I know that it is not a freetype problem. This is panda 1.0.5 on a windows xp sp1 and a nvidia FX 5900

here is a screenshot:

You can see the white line in the top of almost all characters.

This is a bug in Panda on certain video cards. It has already been fixed on the trunk, but it still existed as of the 1.0.6 release.


Thanks for the quick reply. Do you have any estimative on when the next version of panda3d will be released?

Unfortunately, the only one who can provide that estimate is too busy working on getting it ready to visit the forums. :slight_smile: But I think it will be soon.

As a temporary workaround, try putting the following line in your Config.prc file:

text-texture-margin 4


It didn’t fix my problem, but thanks for the help. I learned about the config.prc file, and I fixed another problem of mine (windows always opening under the taskbar (mine is on the top of the screen)).