Floor Collisions


I have a problem detecting collisions on my Virtual Visit to Palenque, Chiapas, México… My situation is as follows:

To the “free tour” I’m using all the logic from “Roaming Ralph” sample from Panda3D samples… And it works perfect, detecting collisions, but when I’m trying to implement the “guided tour” (i.e. the user haven’t the movements control, but the moves are predefined to visit only some structures) I’m using intervals to move the Actor from ane palce to other…

So, My problem is that when I use intervals to make this movements, teh coliisions doesn’t work, an my actor across stones, trees and walks ignoring the little mountains on the road, He simply across them…

Should I have to use another kind of collision logic?? Or what i have to do??

Help me, please…

without a piece of code to see, is difficult to get what’s wrong, WaLex

I just can tell you to see and study how the Ralph demo perform the collision task and after that all should be clear to you.

how about using paths to move the camera along?
the classes Mopath MopathInterval and MopathRecorder might be of intrest for you.
might be a bit overhead over your intervals right now.
you could also try to make the intervals move your character between waypoints which lead around obstacles. ( sorta like a self-made mopath ). of course you’d have to manually set those waypoints. (or use pathfinding which is propably overhead ,too)