Floor collision handler


i tryed to to what u said but to actor wont walk on the terrain
i am adding the modifaid ralth code and my moudles
can u look and see what i am doing wrongUploading: roaming-ralph.zip…


Your upload doesn’t seem to have worked, I’m afraid.

But what, precisely, did you try? And how have you modified Roaming Ralph? Have you just substituted your own models, or changed it more than that?

Since you seem to have been replying to me, do you mean that you tried adding collision geometry to your model? If so, then have you opened your exported egg-file to see whether it has collision tags?



this is my modified filles


Your archive uploaded is corrupt. I have the impression that you are on the Moon, you have a very large interval of messages, and the data is lost … such a small problem has a cosmic scale. :slightly_smiling_face:





Your archive is corrupt.


SO WHAT TO DO that it wont be currupt


If you’ve only made minor changes to Roaming Ralph, perhaps it would be easier to just post the altered lines here, in code-tags (and perhaps the lines just above and below the changes, to give some context).



the original obj file is “luigi circuit” or map.x


Looking at “LuigiCircuit.egg” (in “Model’s/Egg”), I don’t see any collision geometry. Do you have any in your blender file, and if so, are you selecting it when you export the file?


In fact, you have everything right, but the collision and visualization model does not match and has a different rotation (0, 90, 0). Since you sent the source, I think I can fix it.


can u fix it and then send it back?


Sign and get.roaming-ralph.zip (2.3 MB)


tnx its working perfectrly