flattenStrong a Actor's pose (make it a static model)

i wondered if it’s possible to “fixate” a pose that a Actor has, that has been set by exposing the joints and defining them. i know there is freezeJoint, but i wondered if there is a more speed optimized thing like flattenstrong?

i currently have a ragdoll that will lie the rest of the game on the ground once it has rested, and if possible it would be nice to make this as efficient as possible.

flattenstrong doesnt make a difference if i later release the joints.


There’s nothing to do this automatically, though it is possible; see this thread for more information.

Still, it shouldn’t really be necessary. The low-level animation code is designed to early-out if a model is not actually animating, so I would be a little surprised if applying the technique discussed in the above thread had any discernible effect on performance. (You might need to ensure that any dynamics are no longer calling setTransform() or whatever on your exposed joint nodes, so that it doesn’t look to the animation system like they’re still animating.)


thanks that is exactly what i’ve searched. atm i dont see any speed difference, but maybe it could get better if i flatten multiple objects together. will try that tomorrow.