Fixing the Scene Editor for P3D1.1 and Python 2.4=> How T

I’m getting ready to release a new version of panda. If somebody could send me a repaired scene editor (or better yet, Manakel’s improved scene editor), I will include it in the new version.

Manakel has a version on his site: …

Josh Yelon,

Great! Its nice to hear about a new Panda3d distribution.

Do you have the ‘fixes’ to the other samples?

I have those. If you want/need them contact me back.


ah, good. actually, if you could email them to me (, that would be good. Although I think you already emailed them, didn’t you? I’ll have to dig through my mail (I get a little confused at times with all the bug reports coming in).

  • Josh

I will zip them up and email them to you tonight.


O.K. I am done!

At 7:08 P.M. Eastern Standard time. I emailed the fixes in a .zip file.