(FIXED) render.setShaderAuto() mks procedural geom black


I searched and have been reading the forum in general and for this problem specifically.

If I comment out “render.setShaderAuto()” the geometry appears as it was meant to. When it’s called the geometry cannot be lit, and appears black.

I assume it’s something that familiarity with the engine would have made harder to do, say.

And it might be something that those familiar with the engine could point me in the right direction, or tell me where to look, without overly much, or undue effort.

Hopefully … :unamused:

So, that’s my quandary and I think this is, after looking around for awhile a more efficient means of getting it resolved.



Do you have valid normals assigned to your model? Which render attributes do you have assigned to it?

Oh, :smiley: right … ok, I get it.



Yes that (a vertex normal for the lighting) was it.