fix your installer so ur hidden python doesnt become default

I was working on some stuff with Django LightTPD and FastCGI today.
I couldn’t get my python fcgi scripts working for the life of me. Eventually i try debugging them in command prompt and realize i cant friggin import functions from django modules without errors, its as if they dont exist even though they are clearly installed in my python path and they are loading in my server.

bad news bears: I finally just run python -V (windows cmd prompt):

Python 2.5.2~!
What? But I’ve only had 2.6 installed, this is unthinkable.
import sys \\\ sys.path
turns up panda3d folder so it all makes sense now.

Seriously, I wasted sooooo much time over this stupid stuff because I installed Panda3D.
You guys should have BIG WARNINGS on the installer that it automatically installs its own version of python and links it to your system directory potentially making itself the default python installation (yet a somewhat hidden installation because IDLE uses 2.6, cmd prompt uses panda3d 2.5, and its not in the root directory ex c:\python25 like one would expect). You should assume that if someone knows how to program there is a decent chance they already have a python installation.

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The installation for Windows asks you if you want to add Panda’s copy of python to your system PATH. … reparation

ps: watch your language, please

If you just took the time to !read! everything, you wouldn’t have wasted so much time.
First of all, the first pages of the manual very clearly say that Panda installs its own copy of Python. The installer has a clear link to the manual (you even have to go out of your way to prevent it from opening the manual).

Secondly, the installer doesn’t have a warning indeed - it has a big question dialog, telling you that Panda installs its own copy of Python, and asking you if you would like to make Panda’s the default on your computer. Obviously, you just clicked past it without reading it.

Oh, and please do try to calm down before you post.

^^ Agrees with what was all said above.

Panda3d’s installer does ask before editing the PATH/PYTHONPATH to its own Python. It’s nicer about it than most other OS projects that I’ve installed which use Python – They’ve just overwritten PYTHONPATH without a word!

This is a big issue with Windows apps that use Python. Since Python isn’t a part of the OS, it must be installed by every app that plans to use it, but there can only be one PYTHONPATH per user…

However, I can confirm Panda3d’s behavior of leaving the installed Python alone if you tell it to.