First Run Samples Error

On my first test run I tried to run samples Asteroids and Carousel I received this Error: C:\Panda3D-1.4.2\python\python.exe
Line: 1709
Expression:_d3d_device !=NULL
assertion failure
It then goes on to tell me to look up C++ assertions and that JIT must be enabled, I haven’t a clue. I have only been plinking in Java, I know nothing about C++. If You can tell me about these controls in C++ and Python or in Vista Please do, again thanks.
I don’t know if the install is good or not.
I’m just testing this on Windows Vista Ultimate.
If anyone does know and has a solution Please let me know.
Especially if You are able to run on Vista, Thanks.
Thank You Very Much
Very Sincerely
CatBurglerV8 :smiley:
PS: Feel free to email me anytime

Well, here’s what happened. It tried to use OpenGL, failed, tried to use DirectX 9, failed, then tried to use DirectX 8, and crashed, probably because the DirectX 8 code hasn’t been maintained in a while.

The deeper problem is that it shouldn’t have failed at using OpenGL. I’m guessing the problem is that you don’t have your video drivers installed.