First person camera control on a mac

I’m trying to do typical FPS camera control by moving the mouse to the center of the screen and calculating how far it’s moved since the last frame. This works fine on windows where I can reset the cursor position, but I can’t reset the cursor position on a mac. (Also, I can’t get the cursor to stay hidden)

Here’s what I’m doing:

        wp = WindowProperties()
        wp.setSize(Settings.WIDTH, Settings.HEIGHT)
# do mouse calculations..., self.centerX, self.centerY)
        wp = WindowProperties()

How can I make this possible on a mac?

MRelative is supposed to allow you to move the mouse pointer on OSX. If that’s not working, perhaps something else is wrong. Are you sure you’re executing the requestProperties() call? Note that you may have to allow a frame to elapse (or call base.graphicsEngine.openWindows() or renderFrame()) in order to make the requested properties actually apply.