First: Hello! Then: Geometry without modeling?

i’m new here, and new to programming. i’m aware of panda3d since quite some time though and descided to make it a new hobby of mine…
mostly i’m interested in game-design (since i’m a kid, and that was the era of pen’n’paper ,-) )
recently i started toying with python. my first ‘project’ was/is a simple networked publisher/subscriber system (which i also posted in the code-snipplets forum).
now, for testing some of my game ideas, i’m not going to need much graphical stuff in the beginning. i thought i’m going to represent my game-objects as primitive shapes until i get something workin, adding ‘art’ seems to be a rather trivial task once the game is working (i’m aware of money/time consumption for art, still it is trivial to hire artists…)

now here comes my first question:
what would be the simplest/quickest way to get some planes, boxes, cylinders and ‘lines’ displayed in panda? i want the boxes and cylinders to be easily changed in scale and color(!), thats about all i need to represent my game-objects for now.
is there a way of doing that without modeler and without too complex vertex-programming?
if it is complex to get these shapes procedural, would there be a place to find suitable box/cylinder/plane models on the net?



PS: i’ve already read the manual, so i can easily get pre-modeled models into the scene… i just want to avoid that if possible (i don’t even have a modeling package installed on my system yet…)

For planes you can use the CardMaker, and LineNodePath for lines. For basic primitives there are cube and sphere models that come with the panda samples that would sufficiently serve as stand in models. There are unfortunately no primitives generation code in panda so you can’t create more complex shapes in code.

There’s also the Procedural Cube sample which shows how to create cubes programatically.

There is. In the Panda3D download section, the file “”. It is ~200M, and contains lots of (simple) models which are ready for Panda3D. You just need to load them. The subfolder “cat-shapes” contains a dozen geometric shapes (box, cylinder, cones, tetrahdron, prism, torus, parabola, …).


The Alice Gallery also contains basic shapes:
They are all available in Panda3D format.

ok, thx alot :slight_smile: