First Game on Panda3D

Hi people, this is a community, and i think the projects should be shared.

This is the my first game on Panda3D is nothing else, but only started the program in March in Panda3D, and did nothing because I had deadlines, but as I became interested in Panda3D, want to see if I improve this game, or create from scratch another better, because it still has many beginner’s mistakes.

Then here it is…For run, run the class… …

Ah, and sorry for the comments on code, but i’m portuguese and has not changed the comments.

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Didn’t look into the code yet, but the gameplay looks interesting.

I found a few things one might consider bugs:
-there are two windows on start, one with the game and another grey one
-The sounds are terrible…

Yes the windows i dont know how it appear…and i don’t have tried remove it lol…

And the sounds, its sounds familiars of portuguese football…

But just 2 things on a first game, not bad… :slight_smile:


The double window problem is present because you import both direct.directbase.DirectStart and ShowBase right here:

from direct.showbase.ShowBase import ShowBase
from pandac.PandaModules import*
from direct.task import Task
import direct.directbase.DirectStart

Usually when structuring a big game with Panda you can choose 2 approaches:

  • the first is using directStart which gives you global scoping so you don’t need to create a class in order to call Panda’s functions such as loader.loadModel()
  • the second is subclassing ShowBase as you did, then create an instance of the class and calling run as an attribute of the object.

You mixed them :slight_smile: using sounds as globals and the other inside the class as attributes.
I also modified your code in order to work and not showing the grey window (I cut away directStart) and moved the sounds inside the class. I used builtin module in order to let you use those variables with global scoping (too lazy to change all to self.blabla). -> ->

I wish you all the luck! And nice game! (lol I scored whoaa)

Very thanks for the explanation, I’m still new to object oriented programming … And this was my first experience, I hope to contribute to future developments in this forum with the best … :wink:

And Thanks again,