First 3d game in panda3d questions

I have several questions about what I should do, regarding my “first 3d game” and approaches to take. I’m a Computer Science student and being my first year in the major, only know C. However, I taught myself Python with a “teach yourself Python in 30 days” type books, and feel pretty comfortable using Python (could maybe use some more practice).
I’ll cut to the chase. I want to create a 3d beer-pong game. I have yet to use panda, and am curious about what approach to take. Should I begin just doing the panda tutorials directly, or try to apply them to my game idea right away? I know I should start simple and don’t want to get over-ambitious. So maybe start by just creating the “world” and a few objects (table, cups, etc.) Maybe allow the character to walk around the room and approach the table to begin the game.
I haven’t made any physics based games and I know that it will require quite a bit of physics with the ball and so on (perhaps cups tipping depending on strength of throw). Should I just practice with simpler physics first? or just jump right in and start working with the physics for my game idea?
Any comments/suggestions are greatly appreciated, I will also gladly accept advice on starting points/tutorials, or anything else you would like to add.

I assume you’re referring to Panda examples; yes, it could be useful to study the examples before starting with the project. However, consider only those related to features you’ll want to implement.

Maybe that’s the best idea. :slight_smile:

I think this is a subjective matter. There are people that work directly in the game, and others that experiment before modifying the code. I am in the middle: i try to implement a feature in the game, but when I find difficulties, I implement that feature in another little project that use only it. So, I don’t have many side effects induced by the “big” game code, and the following integration is tipically simple.

Are you familiar with classes?
Having your code consisting of modules and classes will make it easier to use some parts of the code eleswhere (in your test scripts which you make along the way), will be easier to modify and remember.

Thanks Yaio, I appreciate your suggestions =)
I think I’ll do just that: implement one feature at a time so I can see it working in progress.

Anon I am familiar with classes and thank you too for the advice =)

If you guys are interested at all, I’ll start posting screenshots and code for the game as I go through the steps in making it =)

If you are interested in showing the progress of your game, you can make a blog, make a topic in Showcase section (after you have real progress that is) or even ask for space and subdomain at ,then you can also host your game executables, source or related files (if it is open source of course). Sourceforge and google code are an option too in that case.

Hi, I’m yasser from La Havana, Cuba. I go panda3D too. But i unable to download the chicken blender to panda exporter beacause the embargo. so could you suggestme a good extensiojn for my models maded in blender for my panda 3rd person games? What I want is the model show textured (like a soldier with his uniform and all) but i do not want it shows solid without the texture.

Really? :astonished:

I only know Chicken, and I don’t think there are other exporters for Blender. If you can go on other sites (e.g. 2shared) I can post it there, or if you can receive emails I’ll send it to you.

Yeah, because Cuba is ‘evil’ according to the US government. … th-us-law/

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Anyway, try through a proxy:

heres an example: … ZS5uZXQ%3D