fire growth modelling

i need 2 model a room fire which spreads (constantly to put it simple) with time in a 3D environment. any coding and documentation available??? i’ve set up the environment but integrating the fire simulation is not that straightforward. help me out plzzzzzz…

That kind of simulation could be approached by:
Being physically correct and therefore using some sort of fluid dynamics with a fire shader attached etc.

Or not so physically correct and modeling a shape of the fire you want and animating vertices growing out and then attaching one of those Nvidia type fireshaders on them.

Sorry I cant offer you more but I would mainly look into offline rendering techniques and then see if they might apply to real-time.

A simpler approach would be to set up a billboard with a pre-rendered and animated fire texture. Sparks and smoke could be added using particles.

To make the fire spread, just make copies of the fire wherever you want it to spread.