Finished tutorial and good chunk of manual. What's next?

Just finished reading the beginning intro/tutorials and the manual up to the beginning of part D, Render Attributes.

I also took a look at the cheat sheet, to really help me nail in the idea of working with the scene graph, and how each nodes inter-operate. I was able to create a person, similar to how it was described in the cheat sheet, without actually looking at the cheat sheet for help.

I ended up with this, which is 4 nodes (2 different models). The middle block is the body, and is the parent to 3 nodes: the head, and each leg. I played around with the different nodes to see the result when the relative position of a child is changed in relation to its parent.

I have a -decent- idea of what I’m doing thus far, but the tutorial doesn’t really get into game development. I have been programming with python and pygame for a quite some time now, so I would like to add that I DO actually know how to create games, just noticed the tutorial doesn’t get into it.

So what’s next for me? Should I really continue to read the manual, because I feel that I’d be better off learning about some of those things when it actually comes time that I need them.

I’m thinking I should pick out one of the sample demos that comes with panda3d that has a game genre/style that I am interested in, and examine the source code and work from there.

Would you agree with this decision? Perhaps there are other resources on the web for panda3d I don’t know about yet that you could also recommend.

I apologize that this is lengthier than I originally hoped, but it’s my first post here and I feel that these questions are warranted and well thought out. Thanks!

hi protocol and welcome.
yes I think your approach is correct - should be followed no matter issue one will choose to solve: focus on the issue, find the best tool available, solve it. The main hurdle is always just to know where you want to go - then the rest is just pure research. If you tell us what kind of project you got in mind maybe somebody could drive you where to find code shared in these forums - I’m here for enough time to try to help you out in this so speak your mind.