Finding a geomnode's actor node

I would like to return an actor’s tag when clicking it (using the picker method), but the collision handler returns the geomnode instead of the actor nodepath. As there is not a getter method in geomnode to return its parent model, how can I identify the model’s tag?

This is the loaded actor:

self.eve = Actor("Models/eve/eve",{"walk":"Models/eve/eve-walk"})

And to obtain some information about the collision handler:

print self.handler.getNumEntries()
print self.handler.getEntry(0).getIntoNodePath()
print self.handler.getEntry(0).getIntoNodePath().getTag("type")
print self.handler.getEntry(0).getIntoNodePath().getParent().getTag("type")

The above code returns only

So even using getParent() doesn’t help

Not really a full answer, but you can use nodepath.getNetTag(“your tag”). It will return the tag if it was set on this nodepath or on any nodepath above it.

Thanks, it worked very well