File type weirdness.

Well, I’ve been having a few problems regarding file extensions, namely the models that come with the standard download have the extension .egg.pz. Now, when exporting from Blender I have been having trouble getting my files to render unless I save them with this extension, however after the preview they tend to transform into .egg.egg whereupon they no longer render. Can anyone explain in relatively simple terms what could possibly be happening here and offer some advice as to how to solve this strangeness?

.egg.pz means the files are compressed egg files. You can’t save them directly with this extension from Blender; save them as ordinary .egg files instead.

If you really want .egg.pz files, you can save ordinary .egg files and then process them with the pzip tool. But there’s not a lot of reason to do this.


the latest chicken versions come with a putton to pzip the files automatically. i never used that option tho.