file-object-like access to VirtualFileSystem?


I recently started using the VirtualFileSystem in Panda, together with Multifiles.
As long as I read supported panda file types, such as .bam or .png or so (basically everything loaded through the loader), everything works just like a charm.

But I also have some plain vanilla textfiles that I’d like to put into multifiles. Up until now, I opened these files using the python open() or file() methods and then used the file object functions on the returned file object. e.g. I used readlines() or so.

For my question: is there a wrapper code or something to make the VirtualFileSystem behave like a standard python file object?
I think that would be convenient, but I didn’t find such helper code…

Does such a wrapper exist?



Panda provides a convenience clone of the Python ‘file’ class that is thread-safe and supports the VFS. For more information, see:

excellent. thanks.