File IO Dialog in Panda

Hello everyone,

I’m need a file dialog window to open and save some data while using Panda, and was hoping that I’d be able to use an existing system and not have to write a new one.

I tried python’s built in tkFileDialog, but tkinter likes to have the main thread all to itself; Panda doesn’t like that at all and responds with chugging and random crashes.

Surely someone else has needed to do this before, so I thought I’d ask: are there any python windowing kits that will cooperate with Panda? Or will I need to write a new file dialog with directGui widgets?

Are you running panda by itself or within a wx system or something similar?

Running Panda all by itself, in windows XP, not currently using anything like wxWidgets or wxPython.

Only thing that I know of off the top of my head is the panda ide that was made.

I remember that a snippet was posted in the forum that had a file selection dialog implemented in DirectGUI.