File browser gui


I’m working on a python implementation of a graphical frontend for displaying flight logs of helicopters. I want to make a gui file browser where the user can browse the file system to select flight logs to load and view. Can anyone tell me how to get started on this? I’m hoping there’s some modules I don’t know about that would make this convenient.


Are there any 3-D requirements in this project? Doesn’t sound like displaying flight logs is the best use of a 3-D engine like Panda3D.

For building 2-D guis in Python, I recommend wxPython, and this includes a file browser dialog. If you also have some 3-D rendering requirements in your project, Panda3D and wxPython can be used together. :slight_smile:


Oh yes, I have a little helicopter model flying around above a grid. Makes the flight logs much easier to understand.

I’ll look into wxPython, thanks.