Fighting With The Panda Bear In The Shadows

I’m asking this question now for future titles I make using P3D… What is up with casting a shadow?

I seems like for starters, if an environment is modeled really large, shadows will not cast. Secondly, the spot light is the best thing for casting the shadows, but the problem with that is, you might have positional lights like torches, which means your shadows will not cast logically. They will take an angle based on the angle of the spotlight that’s casting over/through the entire level.

Any good tech or ideas here will be kept in mind for the future. I do plan on making future games use real-time shadow casting.

I’ve also notice, placing a spotlight directly above will cause a character to receive shadow, but not cast it on the environment. …?

I’m guessing the spotlight should be setup to cast from a side angle or something.

Oh well… I’m not going to stress over it. My current project uses a different style of shadow casting so until I’m working on my second P3D big app, I’ll leave this P3D stress behind for now.

Panda is KILLING ME! :laughing:

Keep in mind that the FOV and near/far clip play a role with shadows. Might want to call showFrustum() to make sure that all the objects that should cast and receive shadows are in view of the light.

Have you seen this example I made?

[Shader-less Shadows)