Fighting game

Anyone has done fighting game using panda3D?
I am curious about how the collision can be done.

I’ve moved the thread from Showcase, since you didn’t actually show anything. :wink:

Have you seen the Boxing Robots sample? You could just make sure the two fighters are at a fixed distance when they kick/hit, and then just play an animation. (E.g. if fighter 1 plays “kick1” animation, fighter2 either plays “dodge1” or “die1” animation.)
Or, if you want something more advanced, you could setup collision tubes and spheres for the feet/hands/sword of the players.
If you don’t want to use animations, you could use a physics engine (like ODE), and setup a ragdoll which gets activated as soon as the fighter gets hit by a sword or so. That might be overkill for a simple fighting system though.

I would be using only animations.
I look through collision objects in the manual but i am not sure how i can implement it.