Few questions

O.K. I got a few questions 1: I’m new to this so how to make enviornment models? just go on sumthin like GMAX and make it? or you get it somewhere? cause I need water textures,Islands, Houses, People, etc.
2: Does this engine support the RAGDOLL effect? (It makes the bodies seem real like if you come to it and shoot it it twitches at where you shoot it or like if an explosion happens it can “fly” somewhere, hit a wall, and come down to the ground) cause I really need RAGDOLL

Thanks! Help is much appreciated.

  1. If you can’t find the environment models you’re looking for here in the Downloads section, you’ll have to go on Gmax or something and make 'em.

  2. Nothing built into Panda handles rag-doll physics. If you really need dead bodies flopping around, you’ll have to do the work yourself to locate and integrate with a third-party library that handles this. It should be possible to integrate such a library with Panda, but you’ll have to figure out how this is to be done.


yeah thats the problem I just need hints on how to do RAGDOLL effects

plz help? sum1?

Try searching the Internet for a library that does this kind of stuff. I don’t know of any, but I bet you can find one if you look.

Then see if you can figure out how to use it outside of Panda to animate a human figure.

Then write a program in Panda that renders a human figure, with some basic animations like walking and sitting.

When you have achieved these steps, we can help you to tie the two together. But you will have to do this research yourself; no one here wants to write your program for you.


I know no1 writes stuff for me but the only thing I needed is help :slight_smile:

oh and btw I found a game dinamics place (it is RAGDOLL physics) and I think its pretty decent

Ok, good. When you have learned how to use this game dynamics engine, here is some advice for hooking it into Panda:

You will need a fully-articulated human Actor model, with joints in all the right places. Preferably with animation as well. There might be some for download here.

To start ragdoll physics, you will need to create a model in the game dynamics engine that matches the skeleton of the human model. How you do that depends on the engine. Then connect the Panda joints with the game dynamics joints. You will do this by exposing every joint and then writing a task that, every frame, copies the transform from the game dynamics engine for each joint onto the Panda joint. The Eve demo in the Panda feature tutorials will show how to do this for a given joint.

You will also need to communicate collision information back to the game dynamics engine. This means you will need to create a CollisionSphere and attach it to each joint, and then listen for the collision events. When you receive a collision event, you will need to communicate it back to the game dynamics engine, by whatever mechanism they provide.