Few Question About Panda 3D Engine

Hello ( I hope get a nice warm welcome ).

i’m new on panda engine. i just download it.

i got 5 File.

  1. Panda Runtime.
  2. Panda SDK 1.9.1
  3. Panda Manual
  4. Panda C++ Reference ( i have exprience using C# but didn’t know if this same or not).
  5. Panda Tools (Third Party Tool) -> umm what is this for?

ok. my question is about license, i read it on forum and other resources about license. and i hear if we dont need put the name or brand engine to our game (like splash screen before game launched but the name is not the owner who create the game, i can say splash screen made with or build with engine etc), is that true?

so what license use for? if i share my asset library, my created object or what ?
sorry to asking so much question. now or later.

this is my story :
i have exprience when using other engine, my spirit burn when i found we can make a game easily. i create the model from blender which is open source. but its weird when i ask, i dont get any help response, i read the rules and i can understand it, my question is answered already. ( it seem i just being ignored, but i need the more detail and info to understand), and then other post ( different ask) i got a message about moderation post, so my post is never published there. (no offense, this is my reality story) :mrgreen:

so i try it hard and try find other solutions outside place. and then i’m success for fix the code that has written by mys;ef. well, at that time, i have plan when my game success will buy a pro. but then my spirit crash when i build it to standalone PC installer Game Exe. i see a logo just before game launched. and i cant remove it except using pro editor. i dont know why my heart broke (maybe all of my hard work has been labeled as game engine, so i think the owner who create the game is that engine and not me. but maybe, other people than me have disappointed too). well all spirit on my mind become disappointed and i stop create new object (model) and stop create a game for while. :mrgreen:

but it cant hold me to create my dream game.so today i was thinking to find Game ENgine 3D open source and found this. i hear we can import the model from blender, so i choose this.

my another question is :
blender have a feature to export as FBX (AutoDesk). can we import that (FBX) to this game Engine?
does this engine use code like Rigidbody (gravity etc) for FPS ?
what type collider? i only knew about mesh collider, box, sphere, and other collider. i dont know what it called here? i see bullet. but dont have exprience on bullet, or it is same as collider? i love you when you laughing at me :mrgreen:

well, that all for now. if this is really free and i’m success making a game, and then my game success on the wolrd. i would love make some donate if support donation. :mrgreen:

sorry for my language. i’m Indonesian. just hope i’m the first indonesian here (maybe not) :blush:

Hi :slight_smile:
The Panda3D Runtime is a standalone app which can execute packaged .p3d files.
The Panda SDK (Currently 1.9.1) is the toolkit required to build applications with Panda3D. With the SDK you can also generate .p3d files which can then be executed by the Panda3D Runtime.

The third party tools contain libraries like bullet and nvidias cg framework, which are not included in the panda source code (since they depend on your operating system). They are only required on Windows and Mac OSX I believe.

You can find the License Panda3D uses here (Modified BSD License): https://github.com/panda3d/panda3d/blob/master/LICENSE
Basically you need to keep the license file somewhere in your project, but you are not forced to show a splash screen with the Panda3D Logo or so.

You can import FBX into Panda3D when you compile with assimp (another thirdparty package). However, I really recommend either using .egg or .bam files (There are plugins provided for Blender) to export your models.

Not sure what you mean, could you clarify that?

Panda3D supports multiple builtin colliders, see: https://www.panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Collision_Solids
You can use ODE or Bullet (or even PhysX I believe) with Panda3D though, to get more options and an advanced physics system. For most applications, the builtin collision system might be enough.

Hope I could answer some of your questions:)

thank you for your warm welcome :mrgreen:

the detail about RIgidboy is like this, i can say it automatic system or component when we jump the gravity will set we down on the terrain. i see another engine use property inspector and add component. so that component called rigidbody. and the setting use a gravity and is kinematic.

another example is, when we hit tree, the tree wont fall, after we set rigidbody is kinematic false, the tree fall with some gravity. some kind like that, (i hope it detail).

i’m now read the manual. but it seem the code use phyton on the manual. i havent exprienced yet using phyton ( i have a C++ Book) :open_mouth:

i will go back to the download section and hope find the C++ manual (not C++ reference).

EDIT : the gravity i mean is physics>Rigidbody, idk what is called here.
Found Error : after downloading manual C++ and open it, the manual is for phyton, not C++. (triple checked).

Panda engine doesnt directly provide components like RigidBody physics, FPS game physics. but they can be programmed with ODE physics, Bullet physics, NVidia physic, Panda simple physics, or your custom made physics engine.
Panda provides you with lots of freedom, almost anything you see in any game can be done in Panda, but not with just several clicks of mouse button. if you want to make a specific type of game like a simple car racer or FPS game, some other engines may let you do faster. but for the sake of expandability in game features, panda is quite good i think.

well, actually i dont very care about long or short when making a game as long i can learn it :mrgreen:
my first dream is make a survival game. i have made a simple object like home, tree on blender (i’m not good for modelling, even my draw like egg is not an egg) .

i see some game like minecraft or unturned which is FPS game. its great if i can make some like that but on my own style. :unamused:

last time i made 2D game with adb flash. but never finished.

umm, where i can tell if the download link for manual C++ was wrong? i download it but when i open it, the manual code is phyton, same with phyton manual. double checked with online manual. its different. i got VIsual C 2010. let’s see. it seem phyton lot like a C#. only different code. (sorry for mumbling) :mrgreen: