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I’m sure there will be some, so I created a thread for the purpose. What do you guys think? Is it better or worse? Are there specific things that could be improved? (Please only post feedback specific to the forums, not to the colours used on the website in general.)

I rethemed the forums not because I felt that the old one was lacking, but because we were upgrading to phpbb3 and the old theme wasn’t compatible. So, I took the default prosilver layout and adjusted it to fit with the existing website theme.

It wasn’t a very thorough job; it could be argued that the blue fonts don’t fit the rest of the site and that the post background colour should be slightly less grey and slightly more purple. But some people I talked to about it early on didn’t seem to see that as an issue.

One other thing I changed is that the edit/quote/flag/etc buttons only appear when you’re hovering over a post in a thread. I did this to keep the button-clutter down. I hope that this doesn’t result in people not being able to find the buttons.

It doesnt log me automatically on visit. Im using Firefox.

same problem here. android opera HD.

and I prefer some main links have bigger fonts or wider space from other links, so it’s easier to click, on phone screen.

My eyes are having a hard time with the forums… Everything seems to run/blend together.

another issue, having the main text area on the left of author info would make people keep looking at the left side of the monitor- if monitor is big, not good for their neck, :wink:

Maybe the darker blue border graphics could be tweaked to match the blue of the rest of the site’s buttons.
Also I noticed that phpbb3 is harder to view with opera mini’s “single column view”, but maybe there’s not much which can be done for that.

When I ‘mouseover’ a post quote, pm and report buttons pop-up making all the posts below move suddenly a bit down. It’s a wee bit annoying.

Unread posts/topics icon could be made more visible, it’s almost the same as the normal icon.

I like the new layout, it is clean and elegant, gratz!

Small OT: I don’t know if it is a problem on my side only, do forums’ RSS feeds work for you?

i would like to add that i cant stand this light-green color of thread and user names. light font goes bad with light background - is not that easy on eyes.

The overall feeling is perhaps a little… clinical, I suppose, to my eye. The previous theme felt “friendlier”, or at least less generic, to me, I think.

That said, I by no means find it terrible, and it may just be a matter of my taking a little time to grow accustomed to the change.

yeah the colors are terrible, we need some other themes

Hmm, I showed the layout to several people from the community before the release and they all seemed to think it was an improvement over the old site, so I’m a bit surprised to see the negative response.

Should be fixed now. That’s not really criticism about the layout, though.

Can you elaborate? Which colours in specific are your eyes having a hard time with?

That’s ridiculous. The site is centred on the screen. The X location of the text differs by maybe 100-200 pixels compared to the previous layout. Assuming a monitor pitch of 250 µm at a distance of 50 cm, that gives an additional angle of 5 degrees to tilt your head by at the very most. If rotating your neck by as little as 5 degrees causes your neck to hurt, then please see a doctor.

In reality, not only do many sites that people read every day have text that is much more to the left, if you need to tilt your neck at all to look at the left or right side of your monitor, then you should perhaps increase your distance to the monitor.

Hmm, yeah, I can’t say that I’m 100% satisfied about the dark blue border either. I took the dark blue from the colour that the top menu becomes when highlighted. I haven’t been able to find a better replacement colour that works, though. Do you have any suggestions?

Should be fixed now. (phpbb3 caches templates so you may not see the results right away.) If it’s not fixed then please let me know which browser, browser version and OS you are seeing the problem at.

What do you mean? Do you mean that the orange is not flashy enough compared to the black-and-blue? The icon was originally magenta instead of orange, which simply clashed completely.
(For the record, the icon with the orange star in the corner indicates a topic that you have posted in.)

Thank you!

I haven’t looked at RSS yet - I’ll have to install a mod for that, I suppose.

Are you suggesting that we use lighter backgrounds on the forums, or are you just complaining about the fonts used on the site in general?

The old layout was just a grey HTML table, so if anything the old layout should look more generic and clinical. This layout has more colours, smooth corners and all that, so I’m not sure what you mean by “friendlier” either. Is it the blue background that’s putting you off?

Please, constructive criticism only.

Positives first: Looking good - well done with the migration, those sorts of things are always hair-pulling. The layout looks cleaner and seems to fit in with the panda3d branding better. (Consistant branding is sometimes a challenge when dealing with so many site elements)

A few comments - take with a grain of salt:

  • Hovering over textfields / textareas result in it disappearing into the background color[/]
    ]Forum theads run into each other due to the same colour used for the thread link and the author link just below it. (I’d argue removing the author info would probably be better, but that might annoy some)
  • Page number buttons on hover result in an orange foreground and blue bg (unreadable) - make it white fg maybe.
  • Page number buttons may need more padding- especially for those using small screen devices / touch. (Maybe 2px top/bottom 5px left/right?)
  • In the thread list, the ‘View first unread’ post should be on the right of the topic title I think. Stops your eyes jumping when scanning down to read titles.
  • Extra padding sometimes helps readability
  • Not sure about the ‘Search this topic / thread’ search as well as the main forum search. Although probably a pain - it’d be better if they were in the same area / integrated into one. Probably not worth changing it though :slight_smile:
  • Although you’ve mentioned not commenting on colours, I think the green link colour is a few shades too light. I’d either pick a different link colour if you have to stick with a set colour palette (purple) or darken it slightly if the palette is open to change

Future wish list:

I’d always recommend looking at site stats before you dive into mobile friendly things - it might be worth it, but knowing your audience is key.

Heres a quick screen shot of a few of the suggestions done with firebug:

Hopefully my comments don’t seem too negative - its looking MUCH better, so nice work :smiley:

Nice colors! I traded my pure black for yours. This is stylish stylesheet i made for myself

@namespace url(;

@-moz-document domain("") {
    a.topictitle {
        color: #415522 !important;
    a:active {
        color: #22303b !important;
    a.username-coloured {
        color: #AA0000 !important;

I like the new layout! Great job!
I don’t really care about the names being on the right.
The color style blends perfectly into the rest of the site, although the posts might be better readable with a white background.
Overall it is very well usable and doesn’t make problems yet :mrgreen:
I’m quite sure many people dislike the new colors, because that means a change of their used environment. After a few weeks people won’t remember the old color scheme and it will be all good.

PS: the thread name is a bit misleading, as “layout” doesn’t include colors, fonts etc. but only the sizes and arrangement of elements.

I’d like them to be more like this:

Or maybe the unread version could be gray (like “Panda” in the logo), and unread blue (like the “3D” in the logo)?

Hmm… I’ve dug up an old view of the site thanks to a page cached by Google, and I see what you mean, I believe.
(for reference, a quick screenshot:


I’m honestly not entirely sure of what it is that’s putting me off, save that it feels too similar to any other tech-related forum – which is likely falling prey to sample bias on my part (if I’m referring to the correct bias). I think that the old grey may have felt like something different to other fora. Such difference may breed an impression of individuality.

shrugs As I think that I said, it may just be that I haven’t yet gotten used to the new style, so you may want to ignore my comments on this after reading. Sorry. ^^;

Sorry to post here, I guess someone already reported that, but it’s pretty anoying have to log everytime. I mean… The “keep me logged in” isn’t working here =/